The HSWC ADOPTION CENTER IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, due to the high rate of COVID-19 Transmission in the area. The continued health of our staff is imperative since we have many animals to care for daily. Volunteering in the building is on hold for now. Donations can be left in the alcove and we will continue to facilitate adoptions using the Foster-to-Adopt method. Appointments will be necessary for everything. Leave a message on our VM or email


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Our Mission: HSWC is a non-profit organization that inspires caring and compassion by bringing positive change to the lives of people and animals through humane education and companion animal care.


Our Vision: HSWC will be at the forefront of companion animal care, including shelter management, education, training, rescue, providing resources to other rescue groups, population management, and health care, fueled by adequate financial resources, caring competent volunteers and employees, and evolution toward a state of the art physical structure.


Our Values: 

COMPASSION- we respect all animals. Those who enter our facility are considered a valued life with care and medical decisions being made to alleviate misfortune and suffering.

INTEGRITY- we have strong moral principles and make decisions based on these beliefs.

KNOWLEDGE - we strive to be well informed in regard to animal welfare and good animal care practices so we can be a resource to the public and provide quality care to the animals we serve.



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