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Stray Animal Impound

Medical Services

Surrendering your animal for re-homing




We're not just here to help animals. A large part of what we do is helping people with animal-related issues. Please click on a topic above for more information.



Paws in Need

If you should find yourself in a situation whereby you're not able to afford cat litter or food, or dog food, and especially if you're considering surrendering your pets because of it, please give us a call. Thanks to our generous donors, we often have enough to share and would rather do that than accept your pet into our adoption program. This is meant to be short term assistance. CLICK HERE for more information on spay/neuter/vaccination services.



Medical Services

Please visit the CLINIC page for all the information on our Spay/Neuter program and our Quarterly Vaccination Clinics



Surrendering your animal for re-homing

Please note: Surrendering YOUR animal is not the same as bringing in a stray animal. If you have FOUND an animal, please go to this page.




If you are considering giving up a pet, please read the following and feel free to email or call to our facility, if necessary. Our #1 goal on this topic is to keep your animal in your home, as a cherished member of your family, but we realize that is not always possible. We usually ask questions prior to scheduling intake, so please be patient with our process and maybe we can find a way to help.


Many pets are relinquished every year because of medical issues. Please keep in mind that medical issues often do not improve upon introduction to the stressful environment of the animal shelter. Sometimes we are able to help, but often, because of the extra stress they are under, recovery is impossible. The best place for your pet to recuperate from illness or injury is in the home they are accustomed to.


Another common reason for surrendering pets is behavioral problems. These can often be fixed or trained away. Please don't give up on your pet when a bit of effort is all that's called-for! You love him, and you're the best person for this job. We can help with websites, expert referrals, training advice, and printed materials to help you make it work.


If you're hoping to surrender an animal because it is aggressive, vicious, unpredictable, dangerous, or extremely or fatally ill, we urge you to first consult with professionals for options (Veterinarian, Dog Behaviorist/Trainer, etc...) If this doesn't solve the problem, please contact your own veterinarian and arrange for euthanasia services.  That is a more kind and appropriate choice than surrendering an animal to the shelter and causing it (and you) the stress of the intake process. These animals are not considered safe or adoptable and we can not fix these kinds or problems in our facility.


If you have to move and can't take your pets- please allow yourself plenty of time to find homes for them. The best place is with a trusted friend or family member. If this is not possible, they can usually be brought to HSWC, but please give us as much notice as possible. Occasionally, we have a waiting list.


If you must surrender your pet:

Please call ahead to make an appointment. This will allow us to make sure we have a spot for your pet, and get it ready for him.

Please bring ALL available veterinary records and information.

Your pet's food, bedding, and other care items will help him feel more comfortable with us.


If you're bringing a dog or a cat, please print out one of the Personality Profile forms below, fill it out, and bring it with you. This will streamline the process and tell us more about your pet so we may find it an appropriate home.


Be prepared with cash or a checkbook. We ask a Surrender Donation of $30 per cat, $50 per dog, $100 per litter. Donations are voluntary, but highly encouraged. An average stay in our facility is over 4 weeks. Between daily care, food, and veterinary bills, we spend much more on each animal than we could ever recoup in adoption fees.


Dog Personality Profile


Cat Personality Profile


Small Animal Surrenders: Please bring all cages, bedding, water bottles and food. We don't always have appropriate accomodations for them!

For your Pet's sake, please, NEVER offer a pet "free to good home". Too often, pets given away as such end up anywhere but!
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