Stray Pets


It's confusing, but here's your guide on what to do with stray animals found in Waupaca County:


This goes by where the animal was FOUND. (not where you live)


City of Waupaca (WITHIN the city limits, not just your mailing address)- City residents with proof of residency may bring in strays during regular business hours by appointment (please call ahead). If you're not a city resident, or can't safely bring the animal in to HSWC, please contact the Waupaca City Police Dept. They will bring stray animals found within the city limits to HSWC.

City of Weyauwega Call the Weyauwega City Police 715-258-4466. They will deliver dogs to Happy Tails and cats to HSWC. You may only bring a stray cat in if you we are able to obtain permission from the Weyauwega City Police first.

Town of Caledonia Joined us in 2021! Residents may call the Town Animal Control, Vance Knuth, at 920-205-9696 with stray animal concerns. He will have to bring the stray animal to HSWC. 

Village of Ogdensburg Joined us in 2021! Residents may call one of the following with stray animal concerns or before bringing an animal in:

Eric Doughty ~ village president ~ cell: 920-316-0149  

Sarah Abramson Doughty ~ cell: 920-316-0141 ~home# 920-244-7845

Cindy Prinsen ~ clerk 920-244-7483

Town of Harrison  Joined us in 2021! Please call one of the following prior to scheduling an appointment to bring in a stray animal from this township:

Dean Lashua 920-572-4569

John Phillips 715-677-4809   

Mike Schultz 714-370-1378

Village of Scandinavia   Joined us early 2022! Citizens with proof of residency in Village of Scandinavia may bring stray animals in by appointment during our regular business hours, so please call ahead.

Town of Scandinavia   Joined us August 2022! Citizens with proof of residency in Town of Scandinavia may bring stray animals in by appointment during our regular business hours, so please call ahead.

An APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY to bring in a stray animal! Call 715-258-2545!

Other Cities, Towns and Townships in Waupaca County: Call your local police (if applicable), your city or town hall and ask there. If your municipality does not have a person or facility in charge of animal control, please advise the Waupaca County Corporation Council office at the Waupaca County Courthouse.

You are also encouraged to post a photo, location lost/found and contact information on our Facebook page (look for the Mentions tab) or "tag" us @waupacahumane so we can share it and it will help us connect Lost/Found animals.


We are sorry, but it is unlawful for us to accept stray animals from municipalities unless we have a contract with them! (We are a charity, not a county-run animal control and we are following WI State Law)



If your animal has been impounded at HSWC and you wish to claim them- you MUST show proof of current rabies vaccination, current license (if applicable), proof  of ownership and current identification. You must also pay all impound, license, health and transportation fees. Please call prior to coming so we can answer any questions you might have and we will know when to expect you. If you do not wish to reclaim your animal, the fees are still your responsibility. Please come in to sign the animal over as soon as possible and it will probably cost less. In addition to the above, bring a carrier to claim a cat and a collar/leash for dogs.


Having your animal microchipped is the fastest way to help stray animals get back home! We offer this service for just $25!


If you have lost an animal, please check our Facebook page (WaupacaHumane), Lost Dogs of WI and Lost Cats of WI (also on Facebook).