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Wish List

Laundry Detergent (liquid)

Canned Dog Food

Canned Cat Food

Dry Cat Food

Dry Puppy Food

Dry Dog Food

Dry Kitten Food

Canned cat food

Jungle Jake

Stamps (first class and postcard)

Dryer Sheets

Dish Soap

Peanut Butter (natural)

(Please, no generic foods)

Our wish list on!


What would we do with....?

(The following are just POSSIBLE answers. Donated funds will be used where needed most unless otherwise specified. The following are things we eventually wish to add to the Adoption Center.)

for $500 - You can sponsor some No More Litters clients to help get their pets spayed or neutered.

for $3000 - We can purchase agility equipment for our big dog yard, to be used by volunteers and other visitors and provide enrichment to our resident dogs.

for $20,000 - This would pay ALL our Utilities, Lawn and Plowing for an entire year!

for $600,000 - We could add that Medical Suite to the building that we've all been dreaming of and reclaim the "Training Room" for other purposes.

for $1,500,000 - We could build a new, state of the art Animal Enrichment and Adoption Center where all of our adoptable animals would be cared for in a pet and public-friendly environment after they complete their transformation to "Adoption Ready" in our current building.

WE LOVE CHEWY.COM! Many items above can be ordered from them and sent directly to HSWC. OR, consider sending us a CHEWY gift certificate we can use for prescription medications and diets! Use this link for our wishlist and we could earn $$ for your purchase!!

Modern cat kitties pics.jpg
Stretch and Scratch Pads
Virtually ALL of our kitties get one of these in their cage for fun and enrichment! Please click below if you would like to have some sent to us!

We LOVE these Kuranda beds and would like to have them for all our kennels! Just CLICK HERE to visit our Kuranda Wish List and they'll make it real easy for you to send us a bed or two!!

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