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Moving Forward

As of March 1, 2022, we are opening the building to the public again.


While COVID is less of a concern in Waupaca County at this point in time, we will continue to monitor local conditions and act accordingly. It is still imperative to prioritize the health of our staff and resident animals, so we ask if you are not feeling well, that you postpone your visit until you are better.


Masks are optional in the building. If you would prefer that our staff wear a mask during your visit, please feel free to make a request so we can accommodate you. Some of our staff may continue to wear masks due to their own concerns and preferences. We will continue to accommodate people who aren't comfortable inside by meeting them outdoors. Either knock on the front door or call from the parking lot.

Meetings with adoptable animals will still be by appointment for pre-approved adopters. To get pre-approved for adoption, visit one of the following pages and fill out the appropriate application:

DOGS           CATS        SMALL ANIMALS

You may stop at the front desk if you need assistance with Spay/Neuter applications. They can be found here: CLINIC

At this time, we are prioritizing female cats, but you can make application for any dog/cat and we will schedule them as we are able.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer:  Volunteer Info

Event Information HERE

We APPRECIATE your cooperation as we make our way back to more normal operations and THANK YOU ALL for your support!

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