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3/20/20 COVID-19 and the HSWC Adoption Center UPDATE

As part of our progressive plan to minimize the effects of the current crisis, we are suspending all traffic in the building at this time with the exception of essential animal care givers and support staff. Strict cleaning protocols will be enforced and the animals remaining in the building will continue to get the best care we can provide.

This means we will be suspending all adoptions, effective as soon as the ones scheduled for pick up are sent home. All volunteer activity is also suspended. Our priority at this time is to keep our staff safe so we can keep the animals cared-for. If you are serious about adopting, you are still encouraged to submit an application and we will continue to process them for fulfillment when we get the “all clear”. God-willing, sooner rather than later!

If you need to contact us, phone messages may not be checked daily, but emailing will likely get you a timely response.

Donations are still welcome, but please leave them outside the door, if locked, or in the alcove. We will post wishlist items on facebook as our needs develop. We are especially in need of monetary donations, which can be made via mail to: 2293 Commercial Drive, Waupaca, 54981, or online via our website or through the facebook post.

Thank you all in advance for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers at this time. With your help, we will continue to pursue our mission for the animals and come out of this thing together!

Take good care, the animals need you! ~Monica Gardner, Operations Manager Humane Society of Waupaca County

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