Spay/Neuter Services
To The Rescue!

Help us end pet overpopulation! 
The following information and pricing is for verified animal shelters and rescues that are 501c3 and WI-DATCP compliant. We reserve the right to limit our services and prices are subject to change.

1) Read all the information on how our program works
2) Make comprehensive list of animals and services you are requesting, fill out and upload THIS SPREADSHEET when filling out your form if requesting for more than 4 animals. 
3) Fill out THIS FORM COMPLETELY, with attention to detail. Failure to do so may result in delay in scheduling.
4) Please wait for an email or phone call to schedule your appointment(s). We generally process in order received.
5) If you have any questions or require information not addressed here, please do so via THIS EMAIL.


Cats must be >2lbs, Dogs must be >3lbs. All must be over 10wks of age and healthy. All animals must be at least 2 weeks post transport from another facility. You must withhold food the night before the appointment by11pm, so the animal comes on an empty stomach. Times will be scheduled for drop-off, usually between 7:30-8:30AM the day of surgery and animals will go home same day, usually between 2-4PM. Make sure someone will be available for timely drop off and pick up prior to making your appointment. 

We are happy to support your efforts with these low-cost procedures, BUT, in order to keep our prices low for everyone, this is what we need from you:

Services are only for rescue animals that are in your possession.

Animals owned by the public need to apply through our other program and pay those fees. If you wish to sponsor public surgeries, you can request to be billed for them, but the public fee schedule applies, and the paperwork is their responsibility.

Your rescue is fiscally responsible and needs to complete the paperwork for your animals. 

We will provide you with the original or one copy of applicable paperwork/certificates. You need to make sure your adopters receive theirs- they should not be contacting us for copies.

You need to have a plan to manage any post-operative issues. We can not always be available to help with issues. Obtaining care elsewhere is your responsibility.

PLEASE keep the change/swap/add requests to a bare minimum but if you must, do them via email. These eat up a lot of time and the busier we get, the harder it is to accommodate them.



CATS-    Female $60

               Male $35

DOGS-         Female < 60lbs       $100

                     Female  60-99lbs    $135

                     Female 100+ lbs     $185

                     Male <60lbs            $65

                     Male 60-99lbs         $85

                     Male 100lbs            $135

DENTALS can be performed, time permitting (must be requested when appointment is made, not the morning of drop off).

Base Price w/Other Surgical Procedure

<60lbs                         >60lbs                              +100lbs

$80                                $130                                 $190

Base Price w/out Other Surgical Procedure

<60lbs                         >60lbs                               +100lbs

$120                               $180                                 $250

Extractions add $10-50 EACH, depending on difficulty

Surgical Add-on fees:

Umbilical Hernia Repair  $10-30

Cryptorchid Neuter  $20

Pre-Op Bloodwork (if recommended/desired) performed ~2 weeks prior to surgery  $75

Stomach Torsion Tacking $120

Additional Services available at time of Spay/Neuter:

Rabies Vaccine   $20

Vaccines:  DHPP -or- Bordatella (dogs)     FVRCP (cats)  $15 each

Heartworm Test  $15

FeLV/FIV Test  $25

Microchip  -$20 (implant one of ours, includes registration)

                  -$10 (implant yours)

Flea/Tick Treatment-One Dose $5-$10 (THIS IS MANDATORY if an animal you bring is found to have fleas)